2013 BMW i3 Concept Electric City Car

2013 BMW i3 Concept Electric City Car - The new BMW i3 was recently spotted on Wacker Drive in Chicago, presumably while filming a commercial. Hit the jump to see the i3 live and in color.With the economy the way that it is now is the best time to buy with low loan terms a smart buyer can find great deals. Consumers need to do some research before heading out to the car dealerships read reviews and watch videos of the cars you are interested in and narrow down your selection. The electrification of a vehicle requires new concepts in vehicle architecture and body construction in order to exploit the potential of the new emission-free drive system to optimum effect.

2013 BMW i3 Concept Front View 2013 BMW i3 Concept Electric City Car

The New 2013 BMW i3 is a well designed concept, with every detail conceived and optimized to fulfill its eventual purpose. Its innovative LifeDrive architecture renders the BMW i3 Concept light, safe, and spacious. Innovative use of materials and lightweight design, not only enable the i3 Concept to travel long distances on a single charge, they also provide safety in the event of a collision and help give the car its excellent driving dynamics.

2013 BMW i3 Concept side view 2013 BMW i3 Concept Electric City Car

The 2013 BMW i3 has been caught on the back of a truck in the south of Germany. This latest prototypes gets the headlights in the correct position, while the roof line and that the window in the C-pillar are similar to the i3 Concept. The doors will be opened the same way as on the Mini Clubman – meaning the i3 will also get suicide doors. The car will use a powerful 170 HP electric engine that will sprint the car from 0 to 60 mph in under 8 seconds and up to a top speed of 93 mph.

2013 BMW i3 Concept rear view 2013 BMW i3 Concept Electric City Car

The “2013 BMW i3″ will be priced at about $35,000 and will be powered by an 150 HP electric engine. It will be capable of hitting a top speed of 100 mph, while delivering an average autonomy of 160 miles.

2013 BMW i3 Concept dashboard view 2013 BMW i3 Concept Electric City Car

2013 BMW i3 Concept interior view 2013 BMW i3 Concept Electric City Car

Source: BMW

Images Credit: [insideline]

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