2013 BMW i8 Concept Pictures Revealed

2013 BMW i8 Concept Pictures Revealed – BMW Automaker has release the new BMW i8 Concept,The four-seat sports car will feature the same unconventional yet charismatic design of the concept along with a hefty dose of sports-car performance and excellent fuel efficiency. BMW i8 Concept Spyder celebrates its world premiere at Auto China 2012 Beijing Auto do show in the late April. While its platform architecture and the basic plug-in hybrid powertrain with the coupe shares the Spyder is a strict two-seater model, and a slightly shorter one is wheelbase and overall length.

2013 BMW i8 Concept Door Open View 2013 BMW i8 Concept Pictures Revealed

The new 2013 BMW i8 Concept uses a plug-in hybrid powertrain that combines two different power sources. The main unit is a 1.5-liter petrol three-cylinder turbo engine with 220 bhp (223PS) and 300 Nm (lb.ft 221), placed behind the passenger cabin that is connected to a drive transmission with double clutch back. The second energy source is an electric motor delivers 129PS (132PS) connecting the front wheels. It also shows that the rating of the gas mileage of 78 miles per U.S. gallon. These are all impressive numbers of a compact two-seater weighs 3600 pounds and weak.

2013 BMW i8 Concept Front side view 2013 BMW i8 Concept Pictures Revealed

The 2013 BMW i8 Concept can travel up to 22 miles on electric power alone for zero-emissions motoring. After the battery is depleted, the gasoline motor will kick in. In the European cycle, the car returns three liters per 100 kilometers or approximately 87 mpg (expect the EPA rating to be much lower). The lithium-polymer rechargeable battery takes just two and half hours on a conventional power socket.

2013 BMW i8 Concept side view 2013 BMW i8 Concept Pictures Revealed

BMW is also implementing a new camera-based proactive front protection system on the “2013 BMW i8 Concept”. The system helps warn the driver of a possible collision risk with another vehicle. At speeds lower than 37 mph, the system can now also detect pedestrians and will even perform automatic emergency braking.

2013 BMW i8 Concept rear side view 2013 BMW i8 Concept Pictures Revealed

2013 BMW i8 Concept rear view 2013 BMW i8 Concept Pictures Revealed

This is Specifications for 2013 BMW i8 Concept

Vehicle Specs
Base Price$150,000 (estimated)
Engine1.5-liter turbocharged I-3
Horsepower349 hp
Torque406 lb-ft
TransmissionNot available
0–60 mph4.6 seconds
Top Speed155 mph (limited)
Weight3,263 lb
Length182 inches
TiresNot available
FORThe i8 heads a new line of electric-only-capable vehicles from BMW
AGAINSTFisker and Tesla have a jump on it

Source: BMW

Images Credit: [dupontregistry]

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