2013 Toyota Prius C Release Date

2013 Toyota Prius C Release Date – The new Prius C is a prototype was found to endure several tests before being sold at the beginning of the coming year. The vehicle that is seen as a concept car in automotive event in Detroit year 2011, The car shown in 2011 in the Detroit auto show as a concept car will be the smallest of all of the Prius lineup, namely the plugin Prius, Prius v wagon, and the standard Prius. Based on the news we received, the “2013 Toyota Prius C” is going to be 18 to 22 inches shorter compared to the average prius. Having a height of this kind, this car should have exactly the same dimensions with the Yaris 5-door.

2013 Prius c front view 2013 Toyota Prius C Release Date

This similarity does not just happen in one night, we suspect that this is through a modified version from the Yaris platform. In one side, the 2013 Toyota Prius C is created according to the extended and larger standard version. We suspect that the Yaris platform was adopted because the basic model. Winding design of the Prius c concept which seen at the auto show in Detroit, is different drastically. Actually, you may think that this car is really a Yaris. The look and shape of the above light, also types of along side it portions of the vehicle is reminiscent of the economy car from Toyota. In the cabin, you will find the console in the center of the dashboard instruments. The Layout and overall appearance is very much like that of Yaris.

2013 Prius c side view 2013 Toyota Prius C Release Date

Toyota promises that in Detroit, this car would be the cheapest on the hybrid car segment in the United States, and offer higher fuel efficiency. This front wheel drive hatchback is going to be fitted with 4 cylinder and A 1.5 or 1.8 litre engine with hybrid powertrain. For several reasons, this 2013 Toyota Prius C test car looks like riding lower in the rear. Is it possible that Toyota is wanting of utilizing other kinds of batteries, or did somebody can`t can remember the get rid of their luggage? Wait for the upcoming details.

2013 Prius c rear view 2013 Toyota Prius C Release Date

2013 toyota prius c interior view 2013 Toyota Prius C Release Date

Do you interest to Buy this car ? Be patient until 2013 prius c release on market later March.


Images credit:Autoguide

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